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Lemon Scented Eucalyptus 柠檬桉树

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Corymbia citriodora, also known as Lemon-scented gum (eucalyptus) or Lemon Eucalyptus, is a native of Queensland and it has found its way to live quite well in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

If you've been to King's Park in Perth, you can see them lining Fraser Avenue, planted to honour the dignitaries and members of the Western Australian Centenary in 1929.

If you love lemon, lemon myrtle, citronella, lemongrass and most green citrusy/herby fragrances, you will find this soap quite up your alley.

Green Clay benefits people with oily skin. This natural ingredient from deep in the earth is known for its ability to absorb oils while gently exfoliating and tightening pores. Try this soap today to improve your skin tone and adopt a healthier habit in your cleansing regime.

Contains: Saponified Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil (sustainable), glycerine (natural), Green Clay, Lemon scented Eucalyptus essential oil.

110g bar