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Lemon Myrtle & Aloe Vera - iluvsoaps Singapore

Lemon Myrtle & Aloe Vera 柠檬桃金娘香芦荟

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Lemon myrtle is native to Queensland and its distinct lemony scent is produced by crushing the leaves. The indigenous Australians have used this plant both in their cuisine and for healing.

The essential oil derived from this plant has antimicrobial properties, thus it's widely used as an antiseptic and surface disinfectant in healthcare and personal care industries.

Aloe Vera 芦荟 (lúhuì) is a popular ingredient in both food & beverage and the medicinal/cosmetics industries. Known for its distinctive spiky outer appearance with soft inner gel-like consistency, it's no wonder natives all over the world where this plant is found wild treasure it for its cooling properties.

Modern users found it soothing as a sunscreen, a first aid for burns/sunburns, a natural thirst-quencher when prepared as a fresh juice.

You may find this soap beneficial for your skin if you're an outdoors person who spend plenty of time in the sun chasing the mozzies as your preferred form of exercise.

Contains: Saponified Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil (sustainable), glycerine (natural), Aloe Vera and Lemon Myrtle essential oil.

110g bar