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Goatsmilk 羊奶

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This soap can be helpful if you have skin allergies to many commercial toiletries and cosmetics as it is mild and gentle to the skin. It has a milky scent without the goaty smell.

Goats' milk has been used as a soap ingredient in the belief that its properties can be beneficial for your skin, especially those with dry skin. This rich soap will definitely replenish your skin's loss of moisture and restore it to a better condition. You can also use it for your young ones.

You may find this brownish soap doesn't look like the 'ideal' white colour of milk products. Well, the soap maker does not add whitener to their products, so you get this natural colour of all the ingredients combined as they are after processing. Think of unbleached cotton vs white cotton.

Contains: Saponified Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil (sustainable), glycerine (natural) and Goatsmilk.

110g bar