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Charcoal & Aniseed Myrtle - iluvsoaps Singapore

Charcoal & Aniseed Myrtle 黑碳大茴香桃金孃

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Yo, have you gotten over your fear of charcoal on your face? Or on your body?

Want more? This charcoal soap has an additional spicy scent, that of a native Australian bush Syzygium anisatum. The aroma is fresher, stronger and purer than traditional aniseed or star anise.

It is good for calming, relaxing and masking bad smells. You can give this soap a try if you're suffering from acne or athlete's foot. And also after processing fish or changing your tyres.

Contains: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut & Palm (sustainable), glycerine (natural), charcoal, aniseed myrtle essential oil.

110g bar


Do not use during pregnancy. Anethole (key chemical constituent in the essential oil) can be a dermal irritant.