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TLC & Disclaimer

Tender Loving Care

While in the process of picking and packing your orders, we do our best in ensuring that the products are securely packed for postal deliveries, and that damage is non-existent / minimized. We observe minimal packaging to uphold an environmentally friendlier approach to business.

Our products are handmade in small batches in the soap makers' facilities. They are made of natural ingredients and as such, may have batch to batch variation in terms of weight, colour, size, intensity of aromas. Over time post-production (6-24 months), the actual weight of the product may vary from that stated on the manufacturers' labels.

Thus we advise our customers to buy our products in small lots of 3-8 pieces at any one time, so that you may enjoy the products at their best.

If you're sharing a purchase with family / friends / colleagues and want to buy in bulk (50 pieces and more), we can arrange delivery through local logistics partners. Contact us at


As our business is supportive of other small businesses, we respect and uphold the professional reputation and image of the individual manufacturers' / brand owners' decision on the way they pack / present their products, online or offline. We have no claims or holds on the way they label their products at the manufacturing site.