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What About Us

Are you curious to know how we came to share what we know about our soaps to doing you a service by selling you the soaps we use?

Actually, I'm the one who've been using handmade soaps of natural ingredients for well over 15 years. I just convinced my brother and sis-in-law to help me with this business.

It all started during my work stint in Perth, Western Australia, so many years ago. Those stalls selling handmade decorative soaps were so irresistible every time we visited the Sunday Markets.

I've acquired and used soaps from Fremantle Markets, E Shed, Wanneroo Markets, Subiaco, Hillarys Boat Harbour and Kalamunda. Another trip east to Sydney and Melbourne got me some more.

From our parents' time, our whole family just relied on Lux soaps for our daily ablutions. As a young adult, I went on to get my own brands like Palmolive, Fa, Imperial Leather, Yardley, Asepso, Dove, Zest, Camay, Medimix, Pears, Dettol, Johnson & Johnson, Parrot Botanicals, Sastid, Sulfur and Thai / Indian various brands.

I've also tried showel gels and cremes when they became popular in our market in the 90s: Fa, Drakkar Noir, St Michael by Marks and Spencer, The Body Shop, Shokubutsu, Lux, Dove.

Sometimes, there were occasions when I have to use other products (like when I stay overnight in my relatives' / friends' house, travelling and staying in hotels), I ended up getting a skin allergy reaction.

Once I started using natural soaps, I stopped using commercial ones.

Reason being they're better for my face and skin.

Yes, that's right. Most of the time I use the same soap for face as well as body.

And I seldom have the need to use extras like face mask, toner, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, sunblock, etc.

You may think I don't care much for my face. *Grin* 

SL photo Not so.

I just like the feeling of having a clean face, without stuff applied on them. So I don't even put on make up; I'm sensitive to the stuff in them.

And now it's time for me to share the secret with you: Use products with good quality ingredients that are beneficial for your largest organ - your skin.

You will need it till the end of your life. So take good care of it, nurture it and it will reward you into your old age.

Good health, blessings and love to you and yours!

Shirley & family