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Cedarwood 雪松

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Cedarwood essential oil is derived from various types of conifers, mostly pines, junipers and cypress families.

The ancients treated this woody oil with much reverence. Like the Sandalwood soap, you can use it for meditation. The oil had been used by the ancients in the embalming process and it can keep insects away.

When you feel bullied, lack confidence and need something to help you stand tall again, try using this fragrant soap with a warm shower. Breathe in the scent and visualise absorbing the essence of the tall conifers growing on the high grounds. Let go of your worries and drain away the bad vibes. End your cleansing with a splash of cold water. You will feel clean and alive again!

Contains: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut & Palm (sustainable), glycerine (natural), Cedarwood essential oil.

110g bar