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Camel's Milk Soap - iluvsoaps Singapore

Camel's Milk 骆驼奶

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When was the last time you saw a camel in real life?

In our Singapore Zoo? In outback Australia? While you were on the Silk Road?

Camel's milk has been cited aplenty in recent years in the food and beverage industry with all its inherent nutritional goodness and health benefits. Traditions and people in the Middle East are more familiar with camel's milk than us. But that's for food. And drink.

To incorporate the milk into our soaps? It's rather new too, even in Australia, where there's only one commercial camel farm. So this commodity is expensive. But why the soap?

It's a novelty, and something different from goat's milk. The proof is in the using. If you suffer from skin dryness or eczema, give this luxuriantly buttery soap a try.

Contains: Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, & Palm (sustainable), Glycerine (natural) Camel's milk.

110g bar