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100% Olive Oil Goatsmilk - iluvsoaps Singapore

100% Olive Oil Goatsmilk 橄榄油羊奶

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Wow, what a luxury this 100% Olive Oil series is turning out to be...

Now with Goatsmilk added to it, it's gonna provide all the good stuff for your skin. Start your pampering today.

This soap can be helpful if you have skin allergies to many commercial toiletries and cosmetics as it has a very mild milky scent suitable for the young or the elderly, especially those with very fragile skin.

For those with dry skin, this series of 100% Olive Oil soaps will definitely replenish your skin's loss of moisture and restore it to a better condition.

Contains: Saponified Australian Olive Oil, Goatsmilk and glycerine (natural).

110g bar