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Winter 2020

A time of rest and relax, a time for retreat and reflection.

Winter is a time when we wind down from the major activities of our outer world, and refocus our intentions on working on our inner world.

Each of us has been inevitably influenced by the changes experienced during Covid-19 in all or most of its effects, globally, regionally or locally.

In fact, more people could be affected on the personal basis, as mobility, social distancing and personal freedom and direction is affected by the policy makers who have been trying their best to arrest the spread of the virus.

In the Path of Transformation, this is the period of the chrysalis during the stages of metamorphosis as experienced by the butterflies. We need to regroup, realign and reform our thoughts, emotions and actions, as experienced through our mind, body and soul, so as to emerge our personal best when we break free of the cocoon and transfigure ourselves into the newest version of our spiritual evolution.

How do we morph our spiritual nature into our physical body and then transform into a newer version of our self? (Descend and Ascend)

Personally, I have taken some pointers from Dr Rajiv Naidu, by attending his Core Somatic Integration Level 1 and 2 workshops. You can watch this video to understand more of what he's put together as a simple means of working through your own body using your mind and will, to clean up the system and to experience mental clarity and physical well-being.

Core Somatic Integration by Dr. Rajiv Naidu


And as a participant, I have asked Dr Rajiv if during our daily body cleansing using a bar of soap, we can simply connect our mind to our body by being present to intentionally loosen our body's 'frozen energies' to ease energy blocks, we can potentially work our way back to health by removing such blockages, and he agreed to it wholeheartedly.

Dr Rajiv conducts workshops via Zoom every now and then. You can reach him through

I'm looking forward to using my Spearmint soap for a good cleanse now.

Cheers people, and happy holidays!