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Summer 2020

It was a surprise to discover this soap works well as a shampoo, especially if you like to wash your hair daily.

The Coconut Oil Lavender is a slightly fragrant hard soap that does not become gooey like the Olive Oil or Goatsmilk series. I've been using it to wash my hair this last week, it turns out squeaky clean and the scalp is not oily even after 2 days. It suds well and lather is thick and creamy. And it tastes sweet! I didn't eat it, just that during rinse off, some of it dribbles and I could have a tiny little slurp...

And our 100% Olive Oil bar has grown fat! It's now 120g (old stock was 100g) and no price increase.

My personal favourite as a gift is the Sandalwood. It has quite a strong and lasting scent, well accepted by both men and women. I have tried a few other brands and only those made in India with good oils will beat this Australian one.

Since the onset of Covid-19, personal hygiene means washing hands whole day long. Apart from stronger options like Tea Tree and Lemon Grass, you can try newer options like Lemon Myrtle & Eucalyptus or my personal favourite Rose Geranium with Clay Swirl which smells rosy and feels soft to the hands.

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Have fun shopping, smelling and using our soaps!

Best of health to everyone!!