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Autumn 2020

Autumn is a time to slow down from summer, and a time to celebrate the hard work started in spring, worked through in summer and harvested in fall. It’s also a time to take stock and prepare for winter, when the soul becomes quieter, deeper and darker, hibernating and ruminating for a new level of evolution that will burst forth in the next spring.

And in this period of the year, if you have been experiencing a lot of uncertainties brought about by this bout of global shift, in the form of Covid-19, it is time to take stock of yourself and your life, and take a deeper, clearer, more honest look at what you have been dealing with all along, and seriously consider welcoming changes in your life, that you can welcome in your journey of working on your inner world.

What do we mean by that?

Now, we’re a platform for handmade soaps right? We bring you soaps that are wholesomely made, value for money, and allow you to enjoy your daily acts of ablutions to keep your physical body clean.

But we also have connections with people who have the skills to offer you science and technology, skills and experiences, to clean your inner world, your mind, your spirits and your soul. From their recent launch in India and the region, within a few months of intense work by the organisers, they have garnered contacts beyond their expectations. It grew from a small network of healing hands, to a bigger network of audience, healers and teachers. Check out 

If you or people you know, have been struggling with some kind of body issues and can’t seem to find solutions to resolve them, spend some time listening to this platform of speakers, who are practitioners of their own field, to expand your range of healing options. If you wish to contact them, look out for their contacts flashed within the videos, or you can get in touch with the organisers.

From skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, to chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancers, you can explore the Playlists in their YouTube channel, and learn about other possible modalities of healing, apart from medicine practised in the Western/Chinese systems. More importantly, you can learn about yourself in other aspects from the various offers in past events or sign up for upcoming scheduled talks. All you need is time, attention and interest. All these resources are provided freely from the hands behind

Bear in mind, if you feel trapped at home during this period of lockdown, you only need a Wi-Fi connection to start delving deeper into knowledge that matters most to you, and in the process of learning and applying, turn them into your personal wisdom.

Here’s wishing you all a transforming season!

Be safe and stay healthy, in body mind and spirit!