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Christmas Market 2019 @ Cornerstone Church at Odeon Katong

Woohoo! It's our third year at this church right outside the Odeon Katong along East Coast Road, once a popular cinema back in the 60s.

The Church runs its own Christmas musical for their congregation annually. As such, they host a little Christmas Market for the crowd. Local residents and passersby are aplenty, so it's good for us vendors too.

ILUVSOAPS - Cornerstone Christmas Market 2019

Saturday afternoon crowd


ILUVSOAPS - Cornerstone Christmas Carol

Saturday evening Christmas caroling outside the building

I've learnt some lessons from past bazaars, and tried out new stuff too. This year, just before this weekend, I made a handy and simple placard showing 3 QR codes: our website, our Facebook page, and $$$ our PayNow account code.

ILUVSOAPS - QR Codes  ILUVSOAPS - PayNow QR code user

Voila, more than half of our customers used the QR code instead of cash! Huh, we aunties need to learn technology fast, and I'm thankful to have attended a short course on Service Excellence earlier this year, so I have some handy knowledge to try out.

And Aunty Linda beside me, selling handmade costume accessories and personalised gifts, has been asking me to teach her to connect up so that she can prepare for Christmas next year!

She saw how one of my customers wiped out half my store on Sunday morning, buying 20 bars of soaps as gifts to friends, and they used the QR code lor!

ILUVSOAPS - Sunday Market Cornerstone

Thank you all so much, customers, browsers and organisers, for your kind support, grace and love shown to us during these last 3 years.

May God bless and keep everyone in good health always!

Shirley Lam


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