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Day 324 Shirley Club Singapore

What? Have I been suffering from a writer's block?

The last time I wrote a page for this blog was Day 269 after my bazaar at Airline House. And now I'm counting the 300s this month, towards the 1st anniversary of our little soap business. Phew! What a journey for this aunty, starting a business at 45...

Okay, I'll be busy again after my little trip to Down Under. Catching 110 other SHIRLEYS in a weekend gathering is no joke (for the organiser lah). I was just there for fun, food and friendship, and fulfilling my job as a kaypoh (sneaky beak) middle aged aunty from Singapore.

ILUVSOAPS - Shirley Club WA ILUVSOAPS - Shirley Club WA

You can have your sneaky beak down my album:

Perth 2017: Shirley Club Convention

Most of the attendees were from different parts of Australia, but a handful were from New Zealand, USA and Singapore-solo. And that's how I got my face on Australian Channel 7's Today Tonight, when they reported an article on the Shirley Club Western Australia's 21st Anniversary celebration that weekend in September.

Video of interview: Shirley Club WA on Today Tonight

So now I'm back on the Little Red Dot, and the Shirleys are asking if they can come for a Shirley Club Singapore Convention one fine day...

Which means we got to have a local club lah....

And that means I have to get my butt off the chair and get out there and ask people, "Hey! Is your name Shirley? Do you know any one named Shirley living in Singapore? Would you like to join our Facebook Club? And when we have enough Shirley Bees, we can start a Shirley Club Singapore Convention then!"

Ahem... Is your name Shirley?

Would you like to join us?

It's a SHIRLEY to SHIRLEY business I'm starting now....

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