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Day 85 "Newborn Chicks" from the Golden Rooster

Oohhoo, new soaps, more soaps, pets soaps and foot soaps! Ee ya ee ya ohh!!

This Rooster is full of farm jokes. After chasing away the Monkey and a year full of upsetting events globally, let's see if this Golden Rooster can lay the Golden Egg.

Yes, Rooster, Egg. Not the Hens. Females were never featured greatly in Chinese Culture. Nor the farm calender. Just take the eggs they lay and go before you get henpecked.

So how did these "Newborn Chicks" came about?

They were ordered, fertilised and hatched before leaving Australia for Singapore lah. And they arrived safe and sound before the CNY craze. Which means I've been sitting on them literally before getting them off to the Soap Market.

New Stocks = New Prices  = New Year = New Hopes = New Notes = New Life

If you've got a New Job ---> Congratulations!

If you've got a New Spouse ---> Felicitations!

If you've got a New Babe ---> Jubilations!

Have you got a New Soap? ---> ???

Buy one NOW:

That image is "a pair of Foot Soap" NOT chicken feet.

Have loads of fun fishing the Yusheng and a romantic Yuanxiao folks!!

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