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Day 375 We turned One

OMG! Did we forget our own anniversary?

We turned ONE on 15 Nov 2017. How come my calendar says Day 371 today? Oh dear, signs of aging creeping up quietly...

I went back to count the days and somehow all seem to match, until I use the online and realised I made an error on the last day of June, dated as 223 instead of 228 on my calendar.

Does it matter?

There's no absolute in life. Why be so harsh on ourselves?

Perhaps accuracy and precision matters in those whose work requires them to be so. Would their jobs be stressful then? Of course.

Have I let myself too much space for comfort, so much so that I can permit laxity and thus accept that my error could be tolerated since it's a small business?

Oh well, how do I judge a business if it's going to succeed or fail? In what manner of speaking? Most business observers said that most businesses fail within 1-3 years of operation. Which means I still have time to learn my mistakes made this year, and aim to improve in the next year or so.

So you may ask, what have I learnt about doing business this last year?

Ahem, I could only say that sometimes things turn out better than I expected, sometimes the opposite. Trust and Integrity feature highly on customers' minds.

Price and affordability less so. If a person perceive value in the thing they're pondering to spend money on, they'll willingly buy it and justify their spending later. How much is much depends on the perceiver. A friend running her own business told me, if the product works, any amount is affordable. If it didn't, any amount spent would be a waste.

If I encounter people asking why my soaps are expensive, I'd be using the tact - when compared to commercial mass-produced soaps, yes, they'd be expensive because you'd be comparing quality instead of quantity.

If I encounter people asking why my soaps are cheaper than others, I'd be replying - when compared to other handmade soaps sold locally, yes, they're priced to sustain my business cos I don't make them locally, I have lesser overheads to consider.

For those with skin problems due to various reasons, they've got to try our soaps to see if they work out.

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Here's wishing best of health to everyone!

Shirley Lam


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