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Day 269 Progress Check

Day 268 was a day when I learnt to let go of something which intuitively I knew half a year ago, that it will come to pass one day when I have to 'kill' a product line. Not because it didn't make me money, but because the whole buying process was more a headache than I bargained for when I started. And the other reason being the product quality is not as good as my other luxurious series.

So Soapies, bid farewell to SOAPWORKS. (Have to say sorry to Soapworks fans, but hey! try my other soaps lah.... any time....)

You can't buy them from me any more. I've sold 75% of the stock I brought in, and given 25% to Uncle Chee, who is going to sell them at his church carnival next month, to raise funds for rebuilding/expansion. If you're keen to help his church, go seek out his soap stall on Saturday, 9 September, 10am - 4pm, at Church of the Good Shepherd. He also has other soaps to offer.

iluvsoaps - COGS Carnival

Day 269 is today, when I discovered another restricted area behind our beloved Changi Airport - the Airline House. This building opened in 1983 as the corporate headquarters of Singapore Airlines. The bazaar is held in the basement, an annexe to the staff canteen.

The place is pretty cosy and well-used, and the canteen reminds me of school tuckshops minus the benches. They have well-designated areas lettered on the pillars stating the eating zones (like carparks), so folks meeting up won't get lost trying to find one another. And a round table has 6 fixed seats. Their serving trays are same as what they use in the aircraft.

Perhaps because getting into this place is fairly complex given the security measures, the response from the crowd is excellent. I couldn't sit for more than an hour serving a continuous stream of lunchtime crowd, and it was exhilarating answering customers' questions and personal needs. This is what experts say about running your own business - you gotta know what your customers need and what they want. And I'm learning these precious lessons from interacting with my customers.

THANK YOU Airline House! You rocked!!!



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