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Day 162 KKH Bazaar

Today is our first booth sale at KK Women's and Children's Hospital's monthly staff consumer bazaar.

Held at Women's Tower Podium at Level 1, we were given a space directly facing incoming foot traffic: from shuttle buses and private cars.

Our neighbour is the busiest booth of all: they sell keropok of all kind. Their queue is fantastically long, mostly staff and outpatients.

Our booth is fairly quiet at first, but when my cousin came down from her office to visit us, people stopped by to check out our soaps.

Lunch crowds came in two waves: noon and 1pm. There were live performances by children from Montessori schools. They put up a lively song and dance, ukulele performance and even chinese poems recitations. They were certainly a cheerful bunch, with a brief rest in between the two time blocks.

iluvsoaps - Arts@KKH iluvsoaps - Ukulele performance

This period sees more sale of our premium Robyn's Soap House products, compared to our last Christmas bazaar booth sale in SGH. That season, shoppers were looking for gifts and they were buying all the 4-in-one sets. This time, people are mainly buying for their own use.

I'm quite happy to have given out 30 handwritten name cards. Let's hope they will generate interests in our soaps and encourage more natural products users.

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  • Shirley, I wish you the best and may the Lord bless your business abundantly.

    David Chow

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