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Day 149 Are you overwashing your face?

Few nights ago I attended a harmonica concert performed by the Hainan Hwee Kuan Harmonica Band, and a few special guest performers, at the Victoria Theatre. After the event, a few of us ended up at Starbucks Central for late drinks.

As our conversations went, one friend asked how my soaps can help his teenage daughter deal with her acne.

It was coincidental that my new helper is facing similar problem with her usual twice daily regime using a commercial face wash alone, without additional exfoliating, masqueing, toning and moisturising. She has plenty of tiny pimples and an oily face. She's been trying out a couple of soaps from my collection these last few days.

I offered to cut him some slices of soaps for his daughter try out; I also gave him the same to try out on himself first to see the effect. He has been washing his face several times a day, with a cleanser that specifically removes oil. His daughter may have inherited his skin and is now experiencing acne.

Now, here is the crux of the matter.

We should not be washing our faces too many times a day, nor should we be scrubbing or using a sponge / rough towel on the most sensitive part of our body. This is one of the thinnest surface and most precious surface area of the entire body. So you should take care not to jeopardise the health by overdoing your cleaning regime.

I did a quick search last night and came across a few sites citing this issue. Here's a list of them for your reference:




These are articles about using soaps to wash your face:




Right now they are trying out our Charcoal with Aniseed Myrtle followed by the 100% Olive Oil Goatsmilk. I'll ask them the outcome later.


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