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Day 131 After Pool

Last night, I received the best comment about my soaps since we started business.

It's been a long while since I last swam in a public pool, and I have yet to test out how my soaps fare compared to my usage of Dettol shower gel post swimming.

This lady friend suffered from acute arthritis a few years ago and nearly lost the use of her limbs due to wrong medications under the care of a TCM practitioner her friend recommended. At one point, she was bedridden and almost sought suicide as a means to escape the unbearable pains all over her body.

After 2 long years of suffering through various modes of healing, she finally regained health and use of her limbs, through walking in a pool 3 times a week. She also gained loads of information from diet adjustments, physiotherapy and blood type diet. She's also a vegetarian for more than half her life.

She used to be a masseur and was considered an expert in the use of aromatherapy oils and spa products in the early days of the industry here. Since her illness, she was unable to continue working and thus had to seek alternate means of financial support. Being a newbie in the band, she had hope to pick up adequate skills in order to become a street busker. According to her, she did not qualify for social care nor subsidy.

As I was a newbie in the band, I had given her some soaps as a New Year gift. I have also roped her in to learn painting in our weekly art club, with the aim to acquire skills for her to produce some artworks for sale so that she can become financially self-sufficient.

Last night, she asked me what was that small piece of soap I had given her to use; it smelled of cinnamon. Ah! That was a small sample I'd cut some time ago, and given out as FREE samples in my early days of promoting the soaps.

She said it was amazingly soft, soothing and non-drying when she showered after her usual pool session this week. And it was only after a single use. She became curious about my soaps and asked if she can buy them from me. I told her about the current month's sale and that it would be a good time to get a few pieces if she's really keen on the series.

And so, I've just arranged to go to the pool with her on Monday, and check out my own soaps to see if they're gonna be performing better than Dettol and moisturiser. And I think I'd be bringing the Shampoo Bar to share with her.

Come join us as the sun's out again!

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