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Day 119 Nothing to do with soaps

Off on another tangent... Art.

Not the high fashion high price high value ones.

Just something that has occupied my free time for the last few years...

Picking up a paintbrush and squeezing out acrylic pigments from aluminium tubes was ghastly and yucky when I first started taking up art in 2012, at the behest of my cousin Deanna. She was then an instructor at the Toa Payoh West CC (TPWCC) holding ceramics classes on Saturdays, when some members urged her to teach them basic painting to enhance their understanding of fine arts.

Joining their classes on painting, I have to start learning about primary and secondary colours, and their complementation of one another in the scheme of the colour wheels and charts, ie. which are buddies and which are enemies...

It was almost forgotten how I got through art classes in secondary school, having always excelled in the sciences. And the 'silly questions' flew out my mouth when I started harping on how much paint to add together to get a certain tone or shade, or can't they measure how many drops of yellow plus that many drops of red will give a fresh shade of orange...

Phew! The classmates at TPWCC were torn between laughing at 'the scientist' and accepting the reasons (or excuses) provided patiently by 'the artist instructor'. No, there's no formula in art. You go with your instincts/intuition and mix it till you get it right, bodoh!

Oops, better stay out of the artist' hair, urged one classmate. Since you signed up for art class, just do what the teacher says lah... Sigh...

So I did, but sometimes I dodged the artist mindset and applied basic science.

And voila, I've got a few artworks to show here, and let you judge if I've passed muster:

- Colouring by numbers and mandala templates

iluvsoaps - Mandala iluvsoaps - Mandala iluvsoaps - Phoebe's Flowers

- Painting on canvas

iluvsoaps - Angry Birds iluvsoaps - Black White Rainbow iluvsoaps - Koala Signs

- Painting on paper

iluvsoaps - Scarecrow iluvsoaps - Strawberries iluvsoaps - Gardening

These are works done 2 years ago. We had a break last year and there were no classes.

Now, our Art Club has restarted and we welcome people to join us and learn how to paint. If you've always wanted to learn some basic art skills, why not give yourself the chance to do so now?

Location: Toa Payoh West Community Centre, 200 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh

Schedule: Every Thursday (except public holidays), 7.30 - 9.30 pm

Cost: S$2.00 each session as material fee

Provisions: brushes and paints (acrylic, water, poster, crayon) available

You can bring your own canvas, brushes, paints, tools if you have them. Otherwise, use our available resources and kick start your creative juices before you start leaking your financial juices.

If you need to talk to someone, you can contact the CC staff in charge:

Ms Serene Lu, 6353 0577

Best is, turn up any Thursday you're free, check us out and give yourself a chance to release your inner child for a fun and relaxing session.

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