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Day 114 International Women's Day 2017

How many women are there in your life, really?

What roles do they play?

How have their presence in your life affected you, or shaped you into who you are today?

Have you given thanks to these characters since you began your maturing process?

Here are the WOMENFOLK in my life, throughout the stages, phases, places, faces through the ages:

- Customers & Supporters, ILUVSOAPS, 2016-

- Band members of Braddell Heights Harmonica Band, 2016-

- Art Club members of Toa Payoh West CC, 2014-

- Classmates & Teacher in Mulan Quan Class in Cheng San CC, 2014-

- Classmates & Teacher in Chinese Dance in Leng Kee CC, 2012-2014

- Swimmates & Teacher in Adult Swimming Class in APS, 2012-2013

- Shirleys of Shirley Club Australia (online and offline), 2010-

- Teammates in Eye e City Singapore, 2002-2009

- Members and friends in Theosophical Society Perth & Singapore, 2003

- Band members of Hainan Hwee Kuan Harmonica Band, 1998

- Travelmates of NUS Project in Bangladesh, 1998

- Coursemates in Photography, Practice Performing Arts, 1997

- Classmates & Teachers in Alliance Francaise Singapour, 1994-1995

- Colleagues in KK Women's & Children's Hospital, 1998-2017

- Colleagues in CPG Corporation, 2014-2016

- Colleagues in First Aid Supplies, 2011-2014

- Colleagues, Volunteers and Founder of Kampung Senang, 2008

- Colleagues & Founder of Cytolabs Asia, 2001-2003

- Colleagues in Singapore General Hospital, 1992-1997

- Colleagues in QA Tuition Centre & Tutors' Corner, 1989

- Classmates, Schoolmates and Lecturers in Singapore Polytechnic, 1989-1992

- Classmates, Schoolmates and Teachers in Bendemeer Sec Sch, 1985-1988

- Classmates, Schoolmates and Teachers in Towner Pri Sch, 1984

- Classmates, Schoolmates and Teachers in Whampoe English School, 1982-1983

- Classmates, Schoolmates and Teachers in Nan Hua Girls' Pri, 1979-1981

- Classmates and Teachers in PAP Kindergarten Kallang, 1977-1978

- Nurses and Doctors in KK Hospital, 1972

- Family and Relatives, 1972-

And all the nameless ones who performed their jobs serving us: cashiers, salesgirls, customer service, receptionists, shopkeepers, hawkers, cleaners, public transport providers, nurses, lab techs, doctors, librarians, domestic helpers, etc

The list above ranges from min 28 (if I only know 1 woman in each cluster) - max 2,800 (if I know a 100 each).

How many percent of the people on Earth do I know, or have ever dealt with/completed a transaction with? [max 0.000008%]

What about those we know well, or are closest to us? [min 0.0000008%]


So, thank those closest to us first, cos they are significant, of value, precious to us, in our lives, for our growth and our sanity.

Then, thank those who work with us, cos they help us grow, smarter, kinder, wiser.

And, thank those who serve, us and others, for they are the salt of the Earth, essential and indispensable, whether you see them or not.

Ladies, have a great time discovering your milestones and chart your own growth.

Gentlemen, give thanks to the women in your life.

iluvsoaps Shirley Lam

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