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I'm born today

Oh hey folks of the world!

You're welcome to attend my birthday party today!!

Yes, after a short gestation of 4.5 months (half the time you humans took), I'm out facing you at last!

Huhhuh, what a wonderful journey I took to see you, and to serve you.

I was just a persistent eye-dear, to the point of insidious, in the back of the minds of my creator. Like she said, years ago she already started using some semblance of my essence. Only now then she takes action...

So, I'm christened "iluvsoaps". What, no surname? Oh well, let me explain:

 I LUV SOAPS - 3 words, just like most of you. *Grin*

For what?

I'm born to bring you glad tidings - to provide you quality goodies that your money can buy, for you to wash yourself with.

But how?

By getting my kakis from the soap makers to support, supply and sustain me.

Till when?

As long as you want me to live. It's a community effort.

But why?

To enable me to empower you to live a healthier life, with a better looking skin and aura.

Who? Me?

Yes, you, folks of the world. At least start here in Singapore lah, where I'm born. What will our leaders say if I work overseas? Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Right here, through my eshop. And maybe at bazaars and booth sales, if I have extra pairs of hands to help out.

Enough talking, let's rock and roll and see what treasures you bring home today after you sweep through my eshop doors.

Ciao, see you at your home after you check out.


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