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Night 34 Off on a tangent - Harmonica with Strings Concert

NO talk shop today.

Attended a concert tonight at the Esplanade Recital Studio with a long time friend - known in the circle as "Harmonica Patrick" - and it turned out to be of exceptional quality.

Organized by the Harmonica Aficionados Society (HAS), Qin Yuan 33 has once again raised the bar of harmonica performance in Singapore.

Opening the concert was a group of youngsters from TJ Harmonics Ensemble.

Main soloists for the night were local favourites Lee Chin Wah, Cheng Jang Ming and Tango Tang.

This was also my first time listening to Ms He Huiteng, protege of Tango Tang. She's now nicknamed "Pink Panther" by the crowd as she played the theme song by John Smith. Accompanied by pianist Ms Pearlie Chng, the duo did a little dance to end the song and cheer the audience.

Making a Special Appearance tonight during the Second Half  was a new ensemble - Kleine String Quartet:

1st Violin: Ms Seraphim Cheong

2nd Violin: Ms Leo Yun Fen

Viola: Syed Ridwan Ahmad

Cello: Ms Janelle Kam

Ms Yew Jia-Lin on piano (daughter of Golden Harmonica Yew Hong-Jen), Ms Margaret Ng on guitar, Tango Tang on harmonica, with Ms Jean Low (also the MC for the night) on vocal, played the best music of the night with the Kleine String Quartet.

My ears are still resonating with the smooth notes of the last few songs. Let's hope the little pocket instrument (which was once associated strongly with Chinese Communists music) will bring more performance opportunity to those who love and play them, and raise the local community's awareness and appreciation for its music.

Bravo et brava to all performers tonight!

iluvsoaps Shirley Lam Shirley Lam

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