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Day 7 Private Collection

Just over a week ago, an old classmate working in Mongolia returned home to visit family in Malaysia, and she dropped by Singapore to visit me.

She gave me 3 pieces of soaps (apart from 2 bags of chocolates) she bought in Ulaanbaataar, after consulting me on the options available.

There was only one I fully wanted, and the brand's new in Mongolia, set up in 2014 by a local woman: Lhamour

Lhamour Soaps

There was another brand she was using, saying it was made in Italy - Monpari.

Monpari Soap Monpari Soaps Monpari - label

I couldn't find much info on that brand, except most search results came in Russian. When I scrutinise the packaging, I found a section stating the product is "Manufactured on Equipment Made in Italy".

The last soap was a surprise cos she picked it up last minute and she thought I would appreciate the variety and the oddity. Turned out to be a soap using the popular component marketed by the Japanese: Horse Oil Soap

Horse Oil Soap - Clover Soap Japan

What I am going to do with them? Sell them, keep them or use them? Want some? Come shower with me???

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