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Day 58 Bazaar Gypsy

Almost 2 months of selling soaps and I'm considering a change of career.

Ahem, I coin the term "Bazaar Gypsy" today while conversing with the friend who helped me at the SGH Staff Year-end Xmas Sale on 20 Dec 2016.

I'm persuading her to join me in becoming a modern day gypsy who peddle goods wherever the fiesta is and wherever the crowd goes.

My ex-HR colleagues and associates are gonna kill me. I don't mean to misrepresent the corporate image of Singapore. But then hor, there are various reasons I think donning this role may work out for this aunty in her 40s.

Reason 1. My BEST results printed on a piece of authority-certified paper which I've kept for more than 30 years, most employers NEVER bothered to see.

>>> PSLE lah...

Reason 2. My BEST work clothes on any workday is a set of T-shirt and jeans. No more lab coats, corporate blazer or polo shirt with restrictive armholes and prickly collars (white or blue).

>>> Gypsies can wear flamboyant and colourful clothes, especially at work.

Reason 3. My BEST work skills are a toothy smile  that lights up my face iluvsoaps - Shirley Lam and shine some brightness into the lives of passers-by and customers.

>>> My soaps clean their faces, bodies and souls too.

So you see why I'm changing my career and facing down global recessions, climate change, limiting choices, industrial evolutions, employment age barriers to actively pursuing a work life WITHOUT retirement.

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See you soon!


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