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Day 5 Kill Me, Heal Me

I just came home from work right before the start of tonight's episode of the ongoing Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me on Channel U. And there were lots of tears, pain and revelations tonight.

Just a couple days back, someone asked me why I open a soap shop. It's nothing new, not a craze, not a big earner, not something fantastic, neither can you eat them. Though some look and smell nice enough.

I wanted to say I want to sell soaps that can wash away sins, but then that may irritate the religious. How about soaps that can wash away shame? That will drive people up the walls, thinking what kind of owner this soap shop has?

No matter how dirty we become after a day's work, no matter what walk of life, no matter what social-economic level, we who live in the modern world, can't survive without washing and cleaning ourselves up. Daily, weekly, or once in a few years (for those who live in the streets). No matter the frequency. Or the strength you use to wash it all away.

Healing oneself is about having the courage to face our wounds, our fears, our insecurities. The tools you use can be significant, if you see the value in them.

A bar of mass-produced soap, a squeeze bottle of liquid body wash, a bottle of branded shower creme, or a bar of handmade soap. It's just a tool. And it's your choice.

Are you waiting to 'kill' yourself with 'dirt', or 'heal' yourself with a good bar of soap? And clean water, of course.

And after you've cleaned yourself up, all that goes down the drain, will they harm our environment, or will they all return to Mother Earth to be recycled safely and naturally?

 Start thinking.

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