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Day 31 满月 Full Month

Wow, it's been a month since opening huh?

My baby is officially one month old. Time to eat Ang Koo Kueh...

A friend just tried her hands at making some but they turned out whitish... uh, and I lost the photo she Whatsapped me... waiting for her next batch cos we didn't get to eat those... so she and her mum brought me to Johor Bahru for some jalan-jalan as I haven't ventured into JB for more than a decade...


Anyway, baby is fine and adapting to life as a soapie...

The largest order we handled was for 30 bars of soaps, each wrapped individually in Kraft bag, meant as Christmas gifts for coworkers.

iluvsoaps - largest order 2016 

We're almost ready to do battle at SGH next Tuesday during their Year-end Xmas Sale for Staff at Blk 6 Level 9.

iluvsoaps iluvsoaps iluvsoaps herb garden

See you there! (if you're a staff, or you know a staff)

Soap Santa iluvsoaps soap santa

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