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Day 3 Magic of 3 "Respect, Relieve, Reward"

Huh, why is my mama posting the Shopify report card out for the world to see? It's not sensational, nor are there raving fanatics screaming for more soaps, neither is it a soap opera.

She's like those people from the medical scientific technical world. What's so interesting? Like showing the world my medical health report, and I'm a newborn, no privacy ah?

Aiya baby, Mama is helping her generation of peers to learn how to shop online. Like the customer today, she spent more than 3 hours trying to figure out how to select the soaps, put them in the cart, apply the correct discount code, create account, pay using PayPal, and now successfully 'bought up' all the FREE samples too. Wow, brava! [RESPECT]

And Mama spent a few hours at Stadium this afternoon, listening to the woes of an old friend [RELIEVE], and being there to lend support to her after being jobless for almost a year. It's not something even the soaps can help. But Mama gave her one to cheer her up. 

So this third night, Mama is showing not the world, but the people around her, friends, families, acquaintances, strangers who are not yet friends / customers, her pride in achieving the ribbons and accolades that Shopify the Big Boss shower on new business operators, their milestones. Not purely for [REWARD], but show the owners that they too, can take pride in their small achievements in their start up efforts.

This is how your workplace should be too. If you become someone's boss, supervisor, manager, director (NOT dictator), you should encourage those who work with you (NOT under you), to make the workplace a better environment for all.

Ah, so that's the magic of 3 mama, thank you for the lesson tonight. I'll go to bed now.

Night night,

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