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Day 24 Dover's Birthday

Hi Soapies,

8th Dec is my brother's birthday, and later in the month, his wife's.

As a token of deepest appreciation for their help and encouragement to see me through setting up my own business, I want to give a box of soaps to the first family in Singapore satisfying these conditions who writes to us before Thursday 2359:

1. A family of 4: with both parents born in December of any year

2. Any member of that family can email us at, to provide proof both parents are born in December (can be photos - with date/time - taken of any birthday celebration on this day/month or from previous years)

This gift box can fill up to 8 bars of Soapworks (worth $44) soaps, and the family can decide what scents they want out of our total of 20.

And since we're gonna post this in our Facebook page too, we're gonna find out how powerful (or not) our social network can be to find something within 24 hours.

So, here goes. Midnight is almost upon us.

Good luck, see you Friday morning,

Shirley Lam, the Soap Santa 2016

iluvsoaps - Shirley Lam

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