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Day 22 Aura-Cleansing Purple Soup

Just came home from watching the Inferno at Lido 8 with an old friend from SGH days. I can't believe Dan Brown wrote a book based so much on Dante's ideas of Hell. I enjoyed Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons more. And he's still in Italy huh? I don't mind another round of Rosslynn Chapel.

Lucky my helper saved me a bowl of what I call "Aura-Cleansing" purple soup.

aura-cleansing purple soup

My cousin gave me some purple sweet potatoes few days ago, and Aileen cooked them with ginger and pandan leaves. Most people use the orangey sweet potatoes, and may add yam too. I said to try this purple stuff and see how it turns out. Voila, something good turned up, and it's a balm for the hellfire I just survived watching this evening.

As soon as I'm back home and downed the soup, 2 friends contacted me to buy soaps for Christmas. One of them wanted me to bring all the soaps for her to smell and check out when we meet for dinner tomorrow. Yo Aunty, that's like 2kg to lug around!

What to do? I'm a travelling soapie, so I have to cater to my customers' needs right?

Alright, I'll slice them into slivers so I can provide all samples for smelling and touching. And I have to call her between midnight and 2am tonight. Sigh, lucky I'm a night owl by nature...

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