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Day 2 FREE Samples

Woohoo, after a session of Mulan Quan (木兰拳) this morning, my body has loosened up from 5 weeks of inactivity after recovering from 2 bouts of cough, I'm ready to do battle now.

Our baby wants 10 assessors of her products. Any volunteers?

Mama has just sliced, weighed and packed 10 x 20-30g x 2 scents to give to these 10 assessors, to try out at home. Not in your office cos your colleagues or your boss may look over your shoulder and kaypoh your business.

The first 10 people who is willing to sample, use and share your findings, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on "FREE" on our main menu

2. Select Qty "1" and click "ADD TO CART"

3. You will see "Your Cart" next. Select "CHECK OUT"

4. Create an account, and complete it with your address.

5. Wait for the package in your mailbox.

Once you receive the samples, you have up to 1 month to try it out before you share your experience with the rest of us in our Facebook page. You are welcome to take photos / videos to present your findings.

Each assessor will receive 2 samples as shown here:

Lavender & Rosemary  Orange & Cinnamon

If you have never tried using handmade soaps of 100% natural ingredients, now's the time to do so. Put away your current skin-detergent and give our luxurious soaps a try.

Best of health to you and yours, always!


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