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Day 18 Obsession with Lemon Myrtle

Day 17 was manageable as a launch day for our second series - SOAPWORKS.

I've learnt to schedule my postings in Facebook, and that went rather well, with the Fruit Rojak peaking at lunch time since most people are out of their office boxes and scrambling for food. Not to mention the colours are quite attractive.

I ended last night packing a box of Lemon Myrtle soaps, and I was so overtaken by the fragrance, that I clicked a photo of them and sent it to my cousin, saying I am contemplating keeping this box as Private Collection (私藏货).

"Up to you lor, you're the boss", she replied. Staring at the open box and breathing in the fragrance of this unique Australian herb, I was suddenly craving for a mouthful of that taste again in my mouth.

Australian macadamias coated in Lemon Myrtle flavoured milk chocolates lah, not the soaps. 

 Well, in case you're salivating too, here's the link to one seller:

 I first came upon them in 2006 while browsing a chocolate shop in Melbourne. Thereafter, I was only able to buy similar ones in Kakula Brothers' shop in Perth in 2013. And I lugged home 1 kg of them, no excuses.

And our Soapworks Lemon Myrtle is so pure in its scent, I grabbed a bar and chiong into the shower room right after I finished wrapping the last bar. Yum!

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