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Day 16 Five-in-One

Target date of new product launch - 1 Dec 2016.

Aiyo, I passed 5 days in one blur.

After that tummy-filling dinner last Friday night, the weekend passed with much adventure in the lab where I did locum. But then I can't tell you what went on there, as that event had never happened in my entire career.

Anyway, I set aside Monday afternoon to visit ACRA at the International Plaza with a friend, but that morning she was sick, so I went alone. I was happily making my way there, thinking wow! I'm going to have my own business. Gonna register a sole proprietorship so I won't need to process GST lah. Found the office easily and the receptionist was smilingly waiting for me to state my request. I plopped down a piece of handwritten note with the name approval receipt, and she said, "You can do that online!"

"Huh, you mean I wasted a trip ah? But there's no link and instructions on what to do next!" I floundered. "Ya, there's no link. Go back to where you made the application!" "So I don't have to return to this office any time in the process?" "No, you don't."

That's it. This idiota should have picked up the phone and rang them in the first place. I ran off faster than I came, back to take the next train out to Ubi, to visit the shop where I bought my packing material online. At least I got something there. And lucky my friend didn't tag along, else I'm screwed.

Luckily, I didn't waste Tuesday, when I delivered 22 soaps to a customer in Toa Payoh, that working girl whom I mentioned in a previous blog. Nor Wednesday, when I delivered 20 soaps to a very supportive cousin in AMK, and had lunch with her.

I have to forego swimming this evening, for I need to arrange with the printer about making company stamps (and learning the difference between flash and gel stamps) and printing stickers (CMKY vs RBG, monitor effect vs printing outcome, laminated or not, and uh Mirrokote???). Phew...

And then I'm stuck. How come I never took the time to set up internet banking for my personal account in the past? Now I can't pay the printer and set him to work. Sigh, gotta go to the ATM tomorrow since he requested for e-transfer...

Then my best motivation to finish the night - new product launch tomorrow!

And so I spent the last 4 hours processing the photos lah...

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