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Day 11 Coming of Age

Yay! Tonight, my tribe of cousins who I grew up with, celebrated my soap biz, one couple's wedding anniversary, one wife's early birthday, altogether at the family dinner table in Toa Payoh.

Though we missed our family chef dearly (Kumah passed on in May), her children still bothered to celebrate each siblings' life events, however simply, with local hawker fare, red wine, fruits and desserts.

After the rounds of delicious food, desserts and gourmet kopi, the ladies requested to see the soaps I'm selling. Wah, like a Tupperware party one sibling did in the 70s when I was a tiny tot, there were plenty of questions, inspections, suggestions, temptations, followed by the chopping board and cleaver dissections. Really. That topped off the entertainment for the evening.

My jaw dropped when I saw the new series (which I'm still processing) being chopped up into smaller chunks, slices or cubes. The cousin chopping them up with glee, was inspecting the finer bits inside that series. Despite their enthusiasm for me, they wanted to know first hand if the second series (which smells more fragrant) will be more expensive than the first, which have been launched since the 15th.

Phew, talk about womenfolk curious with new goods on the market. Men, beware of the ladies keen to investigate a particular issue (in my case, a product). Give them some space, time and effort to test out the new stuff and hear them out when they're ready to present their findings. A yay or a nay swings either way.

And the underlying joy each member of the family took away: we care and we share, every day and every way.

So I was chauffeured home as usual, with open joy, secret smiles and hope for a new day - and for new business coming my way.

In love and in deed, blessings to you buying gifts for others, for that's your way to share your pay and make someone's day.

The Soap Santa

 Soap Santa Honeysuckle

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