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Day 10 The Missing Link

I had the occasion to walk the cheaper half of Orchard Road with the recent visits from an Australian retiree friend and the old school friend coming home from Mongolia.

And this evening I walked the dearer half to visit my aunt working temp for a Xmas booth.

Cheaper half: ION Orchard >>> Plaza Sing

Dearer half: Wheelock Place >>> Tanglin Mall

Cheaper half: weeks ago >>> months ago

Dearer half: year ago >>> decades ago

Cheaper half: FULL of people, FULL of noise, FULL of birdshit

Dearer half: boh lang eh? boh sia leh! boh jiao leh!!!

Wow, what a big difference between the two halves!

What have I been missing?

Ans: Time walking (or even shopping) Orchard.

What has Orchard been missing?

Ans: Paterson Link - ABOVE GROUND

So, when I ended up at Tanglin Mall where Yeemah is working temp, it's like walking into another country, where there's plenty of corridor space, shop space, foodcourt space, toilet space, Ang Moh space, and prices of goods are 2-10X more than anywhere in SG.

On my walk back to Orchard MRT, I thought about my pricing for the soaps we're selling. $8.90 for a bar of luxurious handmade natural ingredient made-in-Australia soap selling in SG is NOT expensive. To the top earners on this island.

But to those who've been using mass-produced soaps at $2.50 for half a dozen (500g), $8.90 is quite a lot of money for 120g.

After coming home, I received a message from a friend wanting to buy 22 bars of those luxurious soaps as Xmas presents for her loved ones, and this working girl is willing to spend. Who am I to say no?

Cos occasionally, we all would love to pamper ourselves with luxurious goods, and take a walk down the dearer half too.

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