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Soap for Taking a Hiatus

What, not even a year in business and I go jiak juah ah?

Oh well, I'm taking a break.

We're on Aussie time - SPRING BREAK.

I'll be taking out my hiking boots, swimsuit and sunshades... and flying Down Under pretty soon this month.

So Soapies, DON'T BUY ANYTHING ONLINE from my eshop this month. I won't be delivering them till October comes.

I'll be attending a unique convention and it has nothing to do with business, science nor the chromosomes.

Oops, I'm not encouraging stalkers okie... I'll simply be attending, for the first time in my life, the SHIRLEY CLUB CONVENTION.

Yes, it's a club, and it's full of people named SHIRLEY.

I'll present a report upon my return, if you're interested to know our common name. And why such a club was formed more than 20 years ago.

Since I've started the snake-eating last month (notice there wasn't a Soap for the Soul in August), I'll make this soap light-hearted and enjoyable, while you partake for your soul.

We, citizens of Singapore and denizens of Asia, are so well adapted to WORK all the time, that we sometimes neglect our inner selves.

Taking a hiatus from work or an activity you've been doing all the time, is simply a decision anyone can make at any time in their lives. Perhaps a few exceptions would be if you're in prison, on a sick bed, or unable/unwilling to STOP what you're doing for a short period of rest to relax, recharge and revive.

And so, I'll be swimming in the Indian Ocean WA side, hiking among the wild flowers of WA, soaking up local friendships and wines, pruning my cousin's lemon tree and rose bushes, and shop at Kakula Brothers and Sisters for my favourite Lemon Myrtle Chocolate Coated Macadamias (if stock is available).

Then I can lug them all (memories and goodies) home.


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