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Soap for Stress

"Stress? What do you mean Stress? You're saying I've got Stress, Doctor?"

"Ya, based on your description and upon consulting 6 professionals, I think you've simply got Stress. Perhaps you'd like to see my friend upstairs who has newly set up shop as a Psychotherapist; he's starting a group counselling session soon. You can have a chat with him to see if he should see you individually or in a group..."

That was 16 years ago when I was first diagnosed with Stress. It all started with tremendous pulses of pain on my left jaw/cheek, which can spread upwards to the temple and/or downwards to the neck. The pattern seemed similar to Trigeminal Neuralgia but I was too young to have this as the onset is usually from 60. After consulting 4 dentists, 1 Neurosurgeon, 1 ENT, 1 GP and 1 Psychotherapist, I went through 8 months of individual Psychotherapy before I was fit and ready to work in Australia.

I continued with soft treatments from my time working and living there: gardening and brick paving my cousin's backyard during the weekends on my stay-overs, making jams and baking muffins, attending meditations and gatherings at the local Theosophical Society after I learnt how to drive, taking photos of sunsets and roses, reading anything from religions to spiritual philosophies of life, going to retreats and using essential oils to relieve headaches. I just kept learning.

Being away from Convenience, Familiarity and Social Security of life in Singapore, I learnt to become more self-aware, attuned to the inner voice and natural rhythms of life around me. I've also learnt to handle my headaches and other body discomforts without using medications. I loved reading those spiritual magazines that were easily available there, and also made it a point to attend the annual Conscious Living conventions.

I had a friend who brought me to a puja in a house of Sai Baba worshippers; she also brought me to the Tao Centre to receive some Initiation ritual from the Priestess there. Eventually our adventure led us to a Channelling by a medium who also practised Quantum Energy Healing. I had also tried out a lunch time Christian Meditation hosted by a local church.

My two years away from Singapore was really a Soul-Cleansing Sabbatical from known lifestyle and mindset here. Having time to myself, having space to myself, having freedom to explore and get to know myself, really gave me back my Identity. I have been called "Rolling Stone (that gathered no moss)", "Job Hopper", "Wanderer", "Aimless", etc by people who knew me, but none really mattered because only I know myself. My Inner Being. My Soul.

Does it really matter to the world Who I Am, What Am I Doing, How Much I Earn, Where I Live, Why I Do What I Do When I Want to?

It should only matter to me.

If you are reading this through direct contact with my Facebook page or shared by someone near me, take some time for yourself. Find your own answers to those questions I raised above. Take stock of your own life. Check your direction and where you're going. Ask yourself if you really care about yourself. Who is the REAL YOU?

If you've been stressed by work/life right now, what can you do about it?

Who should you consult to help you find relief?

Why should you bother to find yourself again and rebalance your life?

Where should you go to find some inner peace?

How are you going to get this done?

When are you going to take a step off the Cliff (like the Tarot Fool) and step into the REAL YOU?


Peace Be With You


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