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Soap for Communication

From the Christian faith, I learn about "those who have eyes do not see, those who have ears do not hear". "Who have ears to hear, let him hear." "Who have eyes to see, let him see". Very poetic the bible can be and I've grown up using the wisdom therein throughout my life.

Likewise from the Koran, such wisdom can be found throughout the beautiful Arabic verses translated by modern scholars into English, which I found on the internet.

From the Buddhist perspective, I learn about "listening with the heart" instead of the ears, "seeing the heart of the matter with your mind's eye". All on earth are Illusion/Samsara. Right Communication is one of the path depicted in the Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Gautama Buddha on ways to relieve suffering and gain liberation.

From the Hindus, I learn to become the Guru who dispel the Darkness Within to find the Light of Truth. And we celebrate Divali yearly to remind ourselves of the perpetual fight between Good and Evil, or Light and Darkness.

What exactly is the point I'm making today?

Well, I observe in recent years, it seems to be a needful issue, at work, at home or at play. But most people with normal functioning eyes and ears are not using their organs properly, or just using them primitively without an evolved sense of spirituality.

Yes, we all are organic physical beings, taught by primary school science that we have only 5 senses. Tertiary science will acknowledge we indeed have a 6th, so let's not ignore it. We should develop it instead of letting it remain untapped, unevolved and under-utilised.

Our INTUITION. Our higher sense. Our innate ability to receive/broadcast signals. Our Communication channel. Yes, it's in us, and it's free, in case you're really new to this topic.

I'm not a life coach and I can't sell you monographs to help you; I'm a soap seller with soap bars to help you clean your physical self only.

You can't buy this Soap for Communication. You can only clean up your channels with learning more about developing your Intuition and practising Effective Communication.

Here's a few articles for personal study:







I'm writing this brief note as a record of my personal perspective on modern life in a densely urban first world country, where most human beings I see daily are in public spaces: trains, buses, malls, food courts, toilets, queues... Most with arms crossed (mind closed), eyes glued (not seeing) and ears stuffed (not listening).

TAO? Tak Tahu? 

May you one day shine brightly and speak clearly your inner wisdom to touch the next person's soul.

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