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Soap for A Great Awakening

What an UNCOMMON and XTRAORDINARY journey life has turned out for my poly classmate Cathryn Chew...

Since we left school after our finals, we seldom met up because she joined the insurance industry while I joined the public hospitals to work in a lab.

And after such a long time, imagine my shock when I saw a familiar face on the front page of the Straits Times during New Year 2016. We caught up on Facebook since our generation has been relying on it to find our lost kins and school friends.

When Cathryn launched her first book in Woodlands Library on 28 April, she bought my soaps and gave them away to her supporters and friends.

I invited Cathryn to write an essay for my Soap for the Soul series and she has gracefully accepted. Here's what she has written:

Soap for A Great Awakening

TODAY, *26 July 2017* marks the 20th anniversary since my man was miraculously awakened from *coma* due to a brain virus infection caused by the consumption of undercooked beef in US 3 weeks earlier. That day was also my man's 34th birthday. I wrote a testimony in my grossly pregnant state and it was published in church magazine the month when our first princess royally arrived in Aug 1998.

Since my man's uncommon *Awakening* on 26 July 1997, his birthday celebration has taken on a new meaning for me. I am constantly reminded of God's goodness towards me! I was spared of a possibility of being a young widow at age 25, or that I had to care for a sick husband depending on the degree of brain damage! Thankfully none of these happened and he resumed work one month later with full mental faculty and zero side effects!

I remembered vividly back then, I trembled when I read from the newspaper regarding another case of viral infection. Shortly after returning from Italy, a young medical doctor had a viral infection in his heart. It proved to be fatal when he collapsed at home in the presence of his parents and his wife. Three of them were in the medical profession. They tried to resuscitate him but with no success. He passed away suddenly, leaving behind two totally grieving parents and his widow who was in her late stage of pregnancy. His child would be 20 years old this year.

It is the same conviction of faith in God that pulled me through when my man had his second episode of brain infection 18 years later. On 21 Nov 2015, he ended up in ICU a day after being admitted. Hoping for a repeat of the same miracle (when he recovered after 4 days of coma in 1997), it turned out to be a nightmarish 12 days in ICU!

I suffered a second episode of the Trembles! The day my man came out of ICU was also the day a young man died. It was 1 Dec 2015. The greater contrast is this - my man was 52 and this promising young man was only 22. He died minutes after being wheeled into the operating theatre with his heart almost totally engulfed by the fatal raw fish bacteria!

My man was given back his mental faculty once more! Many, including medical professionals that attended to him in last 18 months, were amazed and puzzled by the lucidity of his mind despite such devastating effect on his brain stem!  The Irony: despite having the most sophisticated medical technology available – cochlear implants, his artificial hearing remains almost an impossibility!

Same same yet not same same!

The same God is too *creative* to perform the same miracle twice.

One thing for sure… I now see a God who is not just *good* but *Sovereignly GOOD*!

To be face to face with death twice in 18 years and yet live is rarer than striking the Toto (I am not advocating gambling here); the question that is worth asking is this -

When your life is returned to you twice, what do you want to do with it?

Or perhaps, one question for all of us to ponder is this...

What do we want to do with the balance of our life on planet earth?


Contributed by

Cathie Chew

Aka P.Cathie

Founder of BEYOND WOW Pte Ltd


Thank you, Cathryn. May you and yours be healthy always while you journey on in life.


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